Two very unusual events happened in New Jersey over just a few days, but will the earthquake or the eclipse be the most memorable for New Jersey?

It's hard to compete with a 4.8 earthquake striking in New Jersey, but Mother Nature came up with a good one.

Mother Nature Had Quite A Week

So, Mother Nature said, "You like that earthquake? How about a solar eclipse just a couple of days later"?

Both of these events are worthy of a big spot in our memory banks, but if you had to choose just one as the most memorable, which would it be?

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That is exactly what we asked New Jersey residents, and the results surprised us. There was a clear winner, and the voting wasn't even that close.

Earthquake Vs. Solar Eclipse

Both events are extremely rare, but at least with one, you have some indication it's going to happen.

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That may be one of the reasons that New Jersey residents say the earthquake is the more memorable of the two events, and the voting wasn't even that close.

Approximately two out of three New Jersey residents say they're going to remember the 4.8 magnitude earthquake more than the solar eclipse.

Why Did We Pick The Earthquake?

It makes sense. Solar eclipses are certainly rare, but a scary 4.8 magnitude is something that will be in our memories forever. Only in New Jersey can a solar eclipse come in second place as the biggest event in the week.

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