The New Jersey Earthquake of 2024 is one of those moments we will always remember, but so many of us had no idea it was a volcano at first.

It didn't matter where you were when the first seconds of trembling occurred. Most New Jersey residents don't think of an earthquake when there is shaking.

Did You Feel That?

Most of us are not used to or familiar with what an earthquake feels like, so other things popped into our minds in the first seconds of the quake.

If you were in an office, you might have thought someone was moving something heavy or they had dropped something.

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A lot of New Jersey residents were on the road, and immediately blamed it on the wind or thought there was something wrong with their vehicle.

Anything But An Earthquake

And those of you at home blamed things like a truck or helicopter going by for all the shaking. It took a minute for most of us to realize we had just experienced a significant earthquake, at least as far as New Jersey standards are concerned.

So, we asked you on several social media platforms what you thought the earthquake was before you knew it was an earthquake, and here are some of the answers we got most often.

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The answer we got more than any other was a big truck either going down the street or hitting a nearby building. That certainly would have explained it.

We Got A Very "New Jersey" Answer

The other top two answers to the mystery before we all knew what it was, were a neighbor moving something or running up and down the steps, and a plane from a nearby military base.

But by far our favorite answer was the most "New Jersey" answer of all. "I knew what it was the whole time".

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