New Jersey residents have one sound that makes them think of summer more than any other.

When we start we see the temperatures creeping up and the sun warming us a little more, we all know a New Jersey summer can't be far behind.

The Sounds Of A Jersey Shore Summer

There are plenty of sights that alert us that summer is not far away in New Jersey. We see the traffic start to increase, as well as the line at our favorite restaurant and bar.

When it comes to sounds, we asked New Jersey residents which one is the one that is their favorite this time of year.

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There are so many to choose from. Of course, there's the crashing of the waves at your favorite beach.

Which Sound Is Our Favorite?

What about the sound of children riding the rides at the boardwalk or the sounds of the boardwalk games, like the wheels spinning, or the buzzer that goes off after the water pistol balloon game has a winner?

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Each of these amazing sounds brings back cherished childhood memories for so many of us, and they are impossible to replace.

But, which sound of summer is your all-time favorite? We counted all your votes during our informal poll, and here are the results.

There Were Two Big Winners

Two sounds stood out from the rest and got more votes than any others. We love the sounds of the seagulls and the crashing of the waves.

It's hard to pick between the two, but the waves took the top spot by a small margin. Not that it matters, they are all the awesome sounds of summer at the Jersey Shore.

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