The question is a simple one. Would New Jersey rather have a snow day or a rain day? You might be surprised by the poll results.

Forget about pork roll or Taylor Ham. Let's put aside plain or pepperoni. The big question today? Is New Jersey a rain or snow-loving state?

Does NJ Like Rain Or Snow Better?

It's hard to vote for rain with all the bad spring weather we've been having lately, but at least you don't have to shovel rain.

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We thought it would be interesting to ask the residents of a state where sunshine can make or break the economy which of the non-sunny weather events is the lesser of the two evils.

On one hand, there are very few things New Jersey residents frown upon more than a rainy washout kind of day. It's almost like we're allergic to it.

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But we also know that a snowstorm locks the Garden State down in ways that bewilder other states every single winter.

Snow sticks around, it must be cleaned up, and we must drive in it. That makes it even more annoying than rain.

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After tabulating the results of your votes, it seems that New Jersey residents, by a slim margin, would rather have the rain than the snow.

Sure, the snow is beautiful, but it usually involves clean-up and inconvenience, and in New Jersey, we don't like either of those things.

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