There is one New Jersey town that more residents say is responsible for their best childhood memories than any other.

New Jersey is a place that was made to make amazing memories. The Garden State is the backdrop for amazing memories from Cape May to Atlantic City to Princeton.

Which New Jersey Town Brings Back Your Best Childhood Memories?

We thought it would be fun to ask you to reach back into the memory banks to determine which town in New Jersey was responsible for most of your happy childhood memories.

For many of you, it was a fun trip down memory lane and we were glad to see that so many New Jersey towns meant so much to so many of you.

We got answers from every corner of New Jersey, but two parts of the Garden State seem to hold the most magical memories for residents.

So Many New Jersey Towns Got Your Votes

Many of the towns that got the most votes are either part of the Jersey Shore or are North Jersey towns.

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We computed all the votes in our informal survey, and three towns stood out from the crowd, even though we love all the towns that brought you great memories, we wanted to highlight those top 3.

Congratulations to the towns with the most votes, and it warms our hearts to know so many New Jersey towns brought you precious childhood memories.

The Three New Jersey Towns With The Most Votes

#3 Union Beach

#2 Newark

#1 Seaside Heights

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