There are so many beautiful places in New Jersey, but Garden State residents have now named the #1 happy place in the state.

We asked New Jersey residents to name their favorite happy place in the Garden State, and the results helped us learn some things about New Jersey residents.

You Offered Some Very Funny Answers

One of the first things we learned is that New Jersey is full of very funny people. When we asked for the top New Jersey happy place, Pennsylvania and Wawa got several votes.

Once we filtered out the funny answers (and we did appreciate those), we started compiling your answers, and we realized just how many beautiful, happy places there are in our state.

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We are very lucky to have those amazing, quiet, and memorable places right in our backyard.

Two Happy Places Got More Votes Than All The Other Happy Places

We got a lot of terrific answers, but we noticed we were getting two answers more than any others.

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We decided to celebrate both, so we are proud to present the top 2 New Jersey happy places, according to your votes.

#2 Point Pleasant Beach/Manasquan Inlet. Is there anything that can put your mind at ease than the serenity of the ocean, the inlet, boats, seagulls, and a gentle breeze? It's beautiful on both sides of the Inlet.

#1 Cape May. Yes, a whole town can be a happy place, and if any town can pull it off, it's the amazing Cape May. You have voted it the top happy place in New Jersey.

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