Summer season is almost here at the Jersey Shore, and that means sun, fun, and those annoying things people do at Jersey Shore beaches.

Jersey Shore beaches
Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Summer season means so many wonderful things for residents of the Jersey Shore. It means summer nights at the boardwalk and hot, summer days on the beach.

Looking Forward To A Great Summer At The Jersey Shore

It also means we will deal with all the other slightly less pleasant things summer brings to the Jersey Shore.

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Things like traffic, congestion, lack of parking, and lines at our favorite restaurants. But it's the stuff we see on the beaches that often twists us up the most.

crowded beach Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash
Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash

That's why we asked you to tell us what annoys you the most at Jersey Shore beaches. we're looking for that one obnoxious and annoying thing people do that gets your blood boiling every summer.

We See Some Unbelievable Stuff At The Jersey Shore

There seem to be so many things to choose from. Our minds immediately go to loud music and loud talking. We also encounter people who feel like it's just fine to leave their garbage behind for someone else to clean.

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We often see people taking two parking spots or blocking a driveway when they park. That's obnoxious, and they haven't even made it to the beach yet.

bad parking Jersey Shore
Photo by Adriano Becker on Unsplash

There are so many to choose from, but the one you voted for more than any other is something that encompasses many things we see.

New Jersey residents say the most obnoxious thing people do at Jersey Shore beaches is feel entitled. There is nothing worse than someone visiting our beaches and acting like they own them. That sounds about right.

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