Nobody has to tell us that we take a roller coaster ride every day called New Jersey weather, but there is one month that rises above the rest as the best weather month in New Jersey.

We asked New Jersey residents to tell us which month they thought was the best weather month in New Jersey, and there are a lot of different opinions.

Which Month Is New Jersey's Best Weather Month?

Some people love the weather during the state's busiest season, summer when the sun warms the beaches and boardwalks alike. Phil has a lot of great summer memories,

July, as a kid who went swimming as often as possible.

But a surprising number of residents pinpoint the fall months as the ones that provide us with the best weather.

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There were a lot of New Jersey folks who voted for multiple fall months, similar to the comment made by Lisa,

September/October. Warm but no humidity

Which Months Got The Most Votes From New Jersey Residents?

We counted all the votes, even if you gave us multiple months, and here are the top three months, according to your votes.

September came in third place in the voting. You love the fact that it's still summer (local summer), but the humidity starts to drop.

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Holding the #2 spot on the list is May. After a long winter and an always rocky New Jersey April, May weather is a welcome sight for all of us.

The Best Weather Month In New Jersey Is Revealed

No month got more votes as New Jersey's best weather month than October. It seems that the Garden State might be more about sweaters and firepits than bathing suits and the beach after all.

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