We know that New Jersey has great food. We always rave about it. But one of those foods we always celebrate is the most disliked food in the state.

Let's explain. We asked New Jersey residents which food everyone else in the state loves we can't stand. The results were surprising.

What's The NJ Food Everyone Loves But You Hate

If you think about it, there are many foods associated with New Jersey that are more divisive than you ever imagined.

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We never anticipated, however, that the top two answers you gave us are among the most famous, and most New Jersey-associated foods there are.

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The food that tops the list for foods that other New Jersey residents rave about, but you don't like is the legendary pork roll. or Taylor Ham, whichever name you call it. We combined the votes of both names into one total.

You Might Not Believe The Results

Nearly 40% of the people who responded to our informal survey cited pork roll as a food they don't like.

That seems like a high number for food that is so intimately linked to our state. What will surprise you more than that is the food that came in second place.

It is one of our most famous foods and so many of us look forward to this amazing New Jersey produce.

You Won't Believe The Food That Came In Second Place

I can't believe we're saying this, but according to your votes, #2 on the list of New Jersey foods everyone raves about but you don't like, is the Jersey tomato. That shocked us.

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