New Jersey is embarking on a brand new summer, and the pet peeves that topped the list last year are a good reminder for us all.

We have spent time talking to many people who live here, and from what we are hearing, three beach pet peeves stand out in the summer at the Jersey Shore that bothers us a lot.

Top Three Beach Complaints From New Jersey Residents

But this top 3 is not a generic one. It doesn't just mention who or what is annoying us, it mentions, in very specific terms exactly how we are being annoyed.

So, here are the three biggest "last half of summer pet peeves" in vivid detail.

Music. We all love music, so it's not the music alone that makes the list. It's the way the music is played. Specifically, load and pointed at us. We don't want your music in our faces.

This Is Not New Jersey's Favorite Bird

Seagulls. This is not about the seagulls and their beautiful song that alerts us to the fact that we are on the beach. This is about seagulls ignoring personal boundaries and flying right into our airspace to grab a French fry, a sandwich, or a piece of fruit right out of our hands.

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Tourists. We love tourists and the business they bring, for the most part. And we can even deal with the loudness and the fact they think they own the state when they're here, but the pet peeve centers around their distance. Specifically their distance from us on the beach. How about a little social distancing with that beach towel?

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Bottom line? You have to love New Jersey. We love summers...except for music, seagulls, and tourists. It doesn't get more Jersey than that.

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