Summer is a great time in New Jersey, but it is not without its controversies. For instance, is it better to find a great spot on the beach or an awesome parking spot when you get there?

The Jersey Shore is home to some of the best beaches and boardwalks on the planet, so it never surprises us that everyone from everywhere flocks here all summer long.

Each Summer The Jersey Shore  Opens Up For Tourist Season

Those massive crowds bring with them much-needed revenue for our great local businesses, so we are certainly appreciative.

Those tourists also bring with us some annual challenges that we have to deal with each year, like traffic and additional congestion.

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One of the biggest challenges we face is finding room for locals to enjoy the Jersey Shore during the summer as well.

Would We Rather Have A Great Beach Spot Or An Awesome Parking Spot?

Even though we live here all year long, we still have to fight for a space on the beach for our families and a parking space for our car, just like everyone else.

We thought it would be fun to find out if New Jersey residents would rather have the parking spot or the prime spot on the beach, so we asked you, and here is what you told us.

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Even though the voting was relatively close, most New Jersey residents want that parking spot more than anything else (around 60%), and who can blame us?

It's a much longer walk from the car to the beach than the beach blanket to the ocean, so the answer makes perfect sense.

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