For me, there's nothing like a great cup of coffee. I love it so much that I actually owned two coffee houses in New Jersey. One was an internet cafe in Sea Isle City called "Coffee Dot Comedy," where we also put on comedy shows at night. The other was in Ocean Grove called "The Daily Grind." But now that those places don't exist anymore, I asked my social media followers, "where's the best cup of coffee in New Jersey?" We did have lots of WAWA, but then again, they were giving out free coffee. Here are some of the places that you came up with:

Robert Pisani - "Firemen they just fill the basket up with coffee and from there it’s just pot luck for flavor."

Bob O'Brien - "definitely NOT the Keurig in our station's kitchen"

Robert Condrillo - "Quick Check is the best available here. Sheetz makes the best coffee but they wouldn't even think about coming to NJ until a few laws change."

Teddy Maturo - "Asbury Roasters"

David Hoeffel - "Small World, Princeton."

Robert Louis - "We Ground ours. 8 o'clock, it's the best."

Gary Cavico - "Stay Gold Cafe Howell and Belmar"

Cindy Zwicker - "Bada Bean Coffee in Seaside. The best!"

Judi Ann Bostock - "Tim Horton coffee from Canada my son brings it to me when he visits"

Leslie Jespersen - "Gilchrist Restaurant"

Michelle Trevelise Vitali - "Not you!"


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