Two cities in New Jersey, plus Philadelphia, have ranked in the Top 10 for donut lovers in America. Here's how they got on the list.

Now, the cities weren't actually praised for how GOOD their donuts are, not that the bakeries who helped land them on a new list aren't delicious, but basically for 'donut businesses per capita', according to the survey. reportedly compiled its rankings based on four points:

  • research of the150 most populated cities in the country
  • the proportion of donut businesses in those 150 cities
  • donut businesses per capita
  • donut businesses per density
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After all the data was returned, Jersey City and Newark here in the Garden State made the Top 10 (at #3 and #6, respectively), reports, with Philadelphia, PA just sneaking onto the list in 9th. shouted out The Grind Shop in Jersey City for its inventive donut creations, including matcha green tea, red velvet, and peanut butter & jelly, and The LoDG (The Law of Donutgineering) for its monthly flavor rotations, like Lil' Chickies (chicken and waffles cake donut) and Reverse O-S'moresis. Talk about yummy!

The Amish/Pennsylvania Dutch bakery Beiler's Doughnuts in Philly got noticed, too, thanks to their apple fritter and chocolate glazed cake donuts. Federal Donuts also deserved to get some love, in my opinion.

Just above Jersey City was Rochester, New York in 2nd. The top spot went to Worcester, Massachusetts, which has 22 stores serving donuts per capita, according to WOW!

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