I never realized how many "best of the bests" exist right here in New Jersey.

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For example, did you know there are two New Jersey beaches that were named best in the country?

Plus, no one knows how to serve up comfort food like the best diner in New Jersey. It's an icon that I've personally tried.

Any guesses on what was crowned as the best breakfast sandwich in New Jersey?

And, whether I agree with the results or not, New Jersey ranked pretty high when it comes to our environment for working moms.

But this best of the best will specifically satisfy those of you with a strong sweet tooth.

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But I warn you, I feel like something is missing here? But more on this in a second.

According to NJ.com, a list of the 25 Best Doughnut Shops in the USA has been put together, and a New Jersey joint made the list!

The Jersey Shore coffee shop who made the list is called Drip N' Scoop and it is located in Ocean City.

I'll get to my issue with what is missing in a second.

According to NJ.com, “Drip N Scoop not only specializes in donuts, but scoops ice cream year-round, too. Or, dive into an iced coffee served with a donut on your straw.”

A donut straw?! I didn't know this until now but I've never wanted to try anything more in my life.

The article continues saying, "this donut shop does standard doughnut flavors like old fashioned, cinnamon sugar and chocolate [in addition to] specialty flavors like cotton candy, s’mores, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla coconut. Premium flavors include peanut butter cup and maple bacon."

Congratulations to Drip N' Scoop for the national attention. These menu items sound out of this world.

But what is missing?

Where are the other top donut performers in Monmouth & Ocean County on this list?!


I get there are a lot of subpar donuts out there, but there are also multiple shore spots that I would use anything but the word mediocre to describe them.

Have you ever tried Uncle Dood's Donuts in Toms River?

I have personally tried their donuts and would easily tackle Lou Russo, Jimmy G. or Shannon Holly of our Jersey Shore Morning Show to get the last in the box.

Sorry but it is true.

And what about Purple Glaze Donuts in Asbury Park? Or OB-CO's Donuts? Or Cloud 9 Donuts?

There are so many delicious, above par options here at the Jersey Shore that were just glossed over.

So you know what?

Thanks to Jimmy G., we now have our own Top 10 list for the best donuts and all of them are at the Jersey Shore.

Take that world!

Do you agree with this list or do some additions need to be made? Let's take a look and be sure to grab extra napkins:

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