It's all about the mamas this week

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th. Goodness knows that all the moms deserve this day. Is there anything harder than being a mom in the 21st century? No doubt, all mothers would reply with a resounding "no." So, if there was ever a day for mamas to relax and enjoy themselves, Mother's Day is it.

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Add to the stress of being a mom the pressure of a full-time job and you have a situation where saying you're constantly stressed out is an understatement. Depending on where you're located in the US, being a mom while simultaneously working full time is more difficult than it has to be. Just in time for Mother's Day, a survey's been conducted that lays out exactly which parts of the good ole' U-S of A cater to the 21st century mom, a.k.a. on that's on the job for forty hours a week.

WalletHub stacked up all the fifty states against each other in categories such as available child care, childcare quality and cost, access to decent pediatricians, average women's salaries, and parental leave periods. Turns out, the Garden State did pretty well compared to the majority of the country.

New Jersey wound up in the top ten list of best states for working moms. That means NJ could've done worse.... a lot worse.

Source: WalletHub

So, if you're a working mama and live in the Garden State, consider yourself lucky to be a New Jersey resident. There's mamas out there that have a hell of a lot more mountains to climb simply because of the status quo within the state they live.

Be nice to your mom this week. To all the NJ mamas, you're rockstars! Tell the kids you're taking a personal day on Sunday.


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