An updated hurricane forecast from NOAA should have Jersey Shore residents paying attention.

In May NOAA's outlook called for a 30% "above normal" hurricane season. In the federal forecasters latest update, they're now expecting a 45% "above normal" season.

NOAA is predicting 10 to 17 tropical storms with the potential of 5 to 9 of those storms to become hurricanes.

How serious will they be? NOAA is thinking 2 to 4 of these hurricanes will be a category 3 or higher. A hurricane becomes a Cat 3 when wind speeds are 111 mph or greater.

We are currently at the peak of hurricane season. The threat for tropical storms and hurricanes continues through October.

The name of the next Atlantic system will be Chantal. Hopefully, we won't have to worry about Dorian, Erin, Fernand, or Gabrielle.

Keep in mind that this outlook does not look into exact landfall. However, FEMA officials are urging Jersey Shore residents to be prepared for the hurricane season ahead of time.

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