We love Maroon 5! No one in South Jersey's plays more of their music than SoJO 104.9. However, some of the band's music videos over the years left us scratching our heads.

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Video clips for songs like 'This Love, 'Sugar', and 'Girls Like You' are relatively straightforward. Then there are others like 'Don't Wanna Know', 'Animals', and 'Cold' that leave fans trying to make sense of every frame.

There's a lot of blood in some. Others contain a lot of cryptic images. And a few that make you feel like you've just been on some sort of psychotropic trip.

Check out more than two dozen of the craziest images from Maroon 5 music videos below, and remember to listen to SoJO 104.9 all 4th of July Weekend long to hear lots of Maroon 5 songs. And, open the free SoJO 104.9 app for a chance to win tickets to see the band live in concert this September!

26 of the Most WTF Scenes in Maroon 5 Music Videos

Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 bandmates always think outside the box when making music videos. Here are more than two dozen of their most WTF moments.
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