Everyone has opinions about what annoys them the most about living in this state.

The positives are where we'll start. We have beautiful beaches, close to NYC and Philadelphia, and in New Jersey, believe it or not, we have big hearts and will help out a neighbor in a second. I love that.

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But, we were talking about all the annoying things in this state. I recently asked you on social media and through our 92.7 WOBM App what annoys you the most about living in New Jersey.

zakokor, getty stock, ThinkStock
zakokor, getty stock, ThinkStock

What are the 4 Things That Ocean Countyans Get Annoyed At the Most?

#1 - The Bennies - When vacationers from the North, either North Jersey or New York come to the Jersey Shore and flood our streets and towns with traffic. Hey listen, we love when they pay to keep our beach towns afloat, especially in the summer, but also remember the rules of the beach.

#2 - Traffic - Especially traffic in the summer because of those "bennies". But, it's just not summer, it seems traffic and congestion have gotten incredibly worse in the last couple of years. Trying to go 6 miles and it takes over 35 - 40 minutes, there's a congestion problem in this state.

#3 - Property taxes and taxes in general - We have one of the highest places for taxes in the nation. We get taxed on everything except for clothing and food. Property taxes are some of the highest anywhere and it's one thing that everyone talks about. So this is a "huge" annoyance.

#4 - Paying for the beaches - THIS one is huge and living in Ocean County I totally get it. It just stinks that we have to pay to get onto our playground. I understand if vacationers visit, but we pay taxes here, we go to the beach a lot if we live in Ocean County we should get on the beach for free.

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