Like it or not, it's almost time to start shopping for school supplies! But there are new savings in the Garden State you should be aware of, and here's exactly when you can take advantage of them.

For parents of students and for teachers, the cost of school supplies can really add up and throw a wrench into your budget.


According to, New Jersey families with elementary-high school age students will spend about $890 sending their kids back to school this year.

But for 10 days there's a tax break that could help keep more money in your bank account.

Officials in NJ are declaring at 'tax holiday' from August 26th through September 6th. That means, up to $3,000, you won't have to shell out the extra 7% sales tax, reports, on any school supplies, art supplies, instruction materials, even computers!

So, if you time your shopping right, you can save big. Unfortunately, the tax suspension doesn't extend to clothing or shoes. Maybe next year!

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