What makes a great restaurant? Atmosphere, service, delicious food, and word of mouth.

When we ask what's your favorite restaurant in Toms River, you respond. These are delicious, I've eaten in every single one of the "best" in Toms River. With a little help from yelp.com and you for all of your responses, we found the best five in Toms River.

If you ask someone, do you have a favorite restaurant, most everyone will say yes and they'll tell you about it. These five all have different kinds of food from sushi to Italian. Some might be a little bit more expensive than the next one, the prices all vary.

LeeAnnWhite, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
LeeAnnWhite, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Word of mouth, meaning you tell your friends that you love this certain restaurant, maybe it's the food which would be the best compliment, or the service, or maybe the price. It's so important to know you have that one delicious place for a go-to, especially when friends and family visit from out-of-town.

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There are so many restaurants in Toms River and surrounding areas. Especially, when it gets a little warmer and we can eat outside and enjoy the weather. It's my favorite time to go to a restaurant. Thanks to yelp.com and you these are the top 5 restaurants in Toms River, do you agree?

Listen, we've all been to a restaurant that we just didn't like. Waiting and waiting for our food and then it was just not that good, it's time to celebrate the good restaurants in Toms River.

What's your favorite restaurant in Toms River, if you had to choose just one. Is there a certain place that you love because of the service, atmosphere, or just great food?

Top 5 Toms River Restaurants

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