Is there anything better than a beautiful sunny walk on the beach with your four-legged fur baby?

If you do not own a dog, just look at the dog-people and the smile on their faces and the smiles are doubled when they're both walking on the beach. The dogs love it and of course, humans love it. I have three dogs and one of my dogs loves the beach so much.

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According to, New Jersey has several beaches where your dogs can enjoy the sand in their paws and the sun on their faces. Bring a stick or a ball, so many dogs love the feel of the water. Even if I don't take my dog to the beach, my joy is sitting on a dog-friendly beach and watching them with their humans.

Where are the dog-friendly beaches in New Jersey?

We have several throughout New Jersey. Some beaches require a leach for your dog.

Portland, Sam Thomas, Getty Images
Portland, Sam Thomas, Getty Images

Every summer we get messages and questions about dog-friendly beaches. We have a couple in Ocean County. I always reply the best dog-friendly beach I know of in New Jersey is Wildwood, NJ. It's almost two blocks of bliss for dogs right on the beach. It's a playground for dogs including a "big" fire hydrant. It's open year-round and usually open from dawn to dusk.

In Ocean County, Island Beach State Park is one of the best places to take your dog. There are specific spots for your dog at Island Beach, but it's still a perfect place for your dog to run and have fun. Just like many of the beaches in New Jersey, Island Beach State Park dog-friendly beaches are usually paused from April to September because of the busy season.

5 Fantastic Dog-Friendly Beaches in New Jersey

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