Update (1/6/16): The jackpot has soared up to $500 million for tonight's drawing...so you could buy this stuff AND have plenty to spare!

ICYMI, Wednesday night's Powerball lottery jackpot is up to $400 million.

Here are some awesome ways you could spend it here in New Jersey:

(For the record, this assumes you take the cash option of $244.8 million, and will wind up with approximately $146.88 million after taxes. Just attempting a hint of practicality. lolz)

  • 1

    97,920,000 donuts from Uncle Dood's

    You'd surely save some cash if you bought them by the dozen, but whatever, DONUTS FOR EVERYONE!

    Dominic Livolsi/Uncle Dood's Donuts
  • 2

    32,640,000 Bigger New Orleans Cold Brew coffees from Rook Coffee

    That's way more than any person could possibly drink in a lifetime (even for a cold brew addict like me) so be sure to treat your friends!

    Laurie Cataldo
  • 3

    2,670,545 Seasonal Beach Badges

    The actual number might change depending on your beach, of course, but you could basically pay for seasonal badges for every resident of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Twice.

    Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ
  • 4

    489,600 Chef's Table dinners for two at the Best Restaurant in NJ*

    *According to Business Insider, that is. For real though, Nicholas is amazing, and the Chef's Table experience is unparalleled, and if you have endless cash, you'd be crazy to not dine like this on the regular.

    Restaurant Nicholas, on Rt. 35 in Red Bank. (Google Maps)
  • 5

    Season tickets to every concert at PNC Bank Arts Center, The Stone Pony, and the Count Basie Theatre for you and (approximately) 617 of your closest friends...for the next 50 years.

    There was a lot of math and estimating involved with this one (neither of which are my strong suit.) That said, I'm pretty sure this is an accurate figure.

    Stone Pony
  • 6

    6 of the Most Expensive Houses in NJ

    Yes, you could buy all six of the priciest homes currently on the market (three of which are here at the Jersey Shore) -- and still have enough left to cover the property taxes for at least a couple years!

    The grand entrance to Belle Mer is right off of Ocean Ave. (Zillow)