We know how big the drawing was for the NJ Lotter Powerball on Saturday night. The drawing was worth $1.5 Billion and there were no winners except for a couple of good winners in New Jersey, maybe not the billion, but some winners.

We all buy lottery tickets and put them in our purses or wallet and never look at them.

Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

There was a $1 Million Powerball ticket sold in New Jersey on Saturday. According to New Jersey Lottery, there were no winners but we had a rather big one sold in Edison, NJ.

Thanks to nj.com and Lottery Officials, there was a $1 Million Powerball ticket sold at Quick Stop on Inman Avenue in Edison. The $1 Million Powerball ticket matched 5 numbers but not the Powerball number.

Lottery officials also say that another sixteen tickets were sold in New Jersey with four winning numbers winning $50,000.

The winning Powerball numbers from Saturday (November 5th, 2022): 28, 45, 53, 56, 69, and Powerball number 20.

There was not a billion-dollar winner on Saturday's drawing so Monday's (November 7th, 2022) drawing of the Powerball is worth $1.9 Billion, with that cash option of $929.1 Million, according to nj.com. And according to New Jersey Lottery, it is the largest in lottery history on Monday.

I have to buy a ticket for Monday's drawing, I believe there will be a lot of tickets sold for the Powerball. That is huge and we'll all be a part of history. Will it keep going up and up? Will there be a winner on Monday, November 7th (tonight), we'll see.

Good luck!

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