Proof is now available that New Jersey is home to more Taylor Swift fans than almost any other state in the nation.

Taylor Swift is an absolute phenomenon all over the world, and New Jersey is no exception to that fact.

The Data Proves New Jersey Loves Taylor Swift

It turns out that it's quite the opposite here in the Garden State. We have more Swifties in New Jersey than most places in America, and the data backs it up.

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Recent research has revealed that New Jersey holds a place in the top 10 on the list of U.S. states that love Taylor Swift the most.

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The report, at Betway Insider, listed the number of times Taylor Swift was Googled in 2023 in each state in America, and New Jersey's numbers were pretty shocking.

How Many Times Did New Jersey Google Taylor Swit Last Year?

Last year, New Jersey Googled Taylor Swift an unbelievable 2,485.520 times. That works out to 6810 searches a day here in the Garden State, which is hard to believe.

That was good enough to make us the 7th most obsessed state in America, but New Jersey's search total pales in comparison to Florida's.

Florida's Love For Taylor Swift Will Shock You

No state in America is more obsessed with Taylor Swift than Florida. They are #1 on the list because they Googled Taylor Swift 5,502,720 times in 2023. That works out to 15,076 times a day.

2024 is a brand new year with brand new Taylor Swift music, so who knows how high these numbers will soar this year?

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