When one visits the Shore for the first time, there is always going to be some natural curiosity. But for people who live here, we get sick of the stereotypical inquisitions. Here are a some that will make us all shake our heads simultaneously. 

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  • (photo: Sara Robinson, Thinkstock)
    (photo: Sara Robinson, Thinkstock)

    Why are your taxes so high?

    One has to pay a premium to live here. Why? Because we're pretty awesome.

  • (photo: MTV via YouTube)
    (photo: MTV via YouTube)

    Where is your "Jersey" accent?

    I've got your accent right here. While many of us are originally from New York or north Jersey, that doesn't mean we all talk like we're from The Sopranos.

    Heaven help you if you ask ANY question about MTV's Jersey Shore.

    Which reminds me...

  • (photo: YouTube)
    (photo: YouTube)

    Is your family in the mob?

    If I told you, I'd have to kill you. My family isn't, but keep asking around. The end result will likely not be pretty.

  • (photo: LorenzoPatoia, Thinkstock)
    (photo: LorenzoPatoia, Thinkstock)

    Do you know how to pump gas?

    Yes. Do I want to? No. When it's 20 below, why would I want to get out of my nice warm car to pump gas? Is there some strange pleasure you get from pumping your own gas, because I don't get it.

  • (photo: Wikimedia Commons)
    (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

    What is pork roll?

    How dare you. The greatest thing since sliced bread, that's all.

  • (photo: Andrew Burton, Getty Images)
    (photo: Andrew Burton, Getty Images)

    Is all of New Jersey is dirty?

    Just like (insert any location) you find the good and the bad. The Jersey Shore has some not-so-nice spots, but the majority of it is beautiful. Our beaches. Enough said.

  • Traffic on the Garden State Parkway near #114 (Townsquare Media NJ)
    Traffic on the Garden State Parkway near #114 (Townsquare Media NJ)

    Why is everything at the Shore so fast?

    Go with the flow or get out of the way! In regards to traffic, the Shore is one of the most populated places in the country. Too many cars and not enough lanes.

    We talk fast, walk fast and shop fast.

    It's a way of life that we wouldn't want any other way!

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