I think I can speak for the entire state that we're all over the Jersey stereotypes, misinformation, and opinions.

Most of us live in Jersey because we like it here.

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We accept our state, flaws, and all.

But, commenting on how we live our lives is reserved for New Jerseyians and New Jerseyians only.

Trust me, Jersey peeps could say a lot about our New York and Pennsylvania neighbors.

By the way, if you are from NJ and are talking smack, stop it. We're better than that.

If you're someone from out-of-state, consider this a PSA of things you absolutely never ever want to say to someone from the Garden State for fear of being backhanded or worse.

I'm just kidding, we're not violent people.

We just speak our minds and move fast, so you better keep up.

Want to Get Knoced Out? Say These Things to Someone from New Jersey

While we're at it...

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