Beach Etiquette at The Jersey Shore – Use It!
Going to the beach is something we at the Jersey Shore look forward to doing in the summer. We battled through the ups and downs of Mother Nature’s fury. By the time summer gets here, just taking a day to lay on the beach seems like a great stay-cation. That is, until...
Things People in New Jersey Never Say
The purpose of this project was two-fold. First, to explain the ways and awesomeness of New Jersey to the world. And secondly, to have a laugh at the sayings and misunderstandings that drive us nuts!
10 Best Rom Com Movies for Valentine's Day
If you and your date are planning to cuddle on the couch with a movie...or if you and your other single girlfriends are getting together for some wine and a chick flick, here are the best of the best romantic comedies.

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