There's a video making the rounds about a dangerous species of jellyfish that could return to the Jersey Shore this summer.
While it is something to keep in mind -- along with all the other wildlife -- while you swim in the ocean...there are a few other things that you should be much more afraid of at the beach.
  • 1

    Sharp things

    Debris that's still getting washed ashore from Sandy and other storms. Broken shells. Medical waste. Plastic garbage that people were too lazy to take off the beach...these are all WAY more likely to actually be seen on the beach -- and yet still are not cause for panic.

  • 2

    Rip currents

    Rip currents are incredibly dangerous. Learn how to identify them (HERE) and how to escape one (HERE.)

  • 3

    Parking tickets

    If you're not close to enough to walk or bike to the beach, then you'll have to hop in the car. Once you get the beach, beware the parking tickets! It seems there are some places where the parking authorities know the SECOND your meter runs out! The tickets may not cause physical pain, but they certainly hurt the wallet.

  • 4

    Sand in uncomfortable places

    Do I need to explain this one?

  • 5

    Rowdy teens on the boardwalk

    Few worse things than bored, unsupervised teens roaming free on the boardwalk just WAITING to teach your kids all kinds of fun new words!

  • 6

    Seagull feeders

    Seagull feeders seem to be on every beach, making the birds more aggressive with people AND more likely to poop on your head. Good luck, my ass.

  • 7

    The cast of Jersey Shore

    This includes anyone who looks or acts like them too. Loud, obnoxious, and generally terrible, they are much more likely to show up and ruin your day at the beach than a simple jellyfish who is JUST TRYING TO LIVE!