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One of eight dogs found in deplorable conditions. (Monmouth County SPCA)

Abandoned, left with nothing but a flimsy piece of tarp covering them, and neglected enough to be emaciated, the Monmouth County SPCA has rescued these precious Pittie puppies.

Eight dogs were rescued on Saturday after the MCSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Division received a call from the Neptune City Police regarding excessive barking.

When the shelter officials arrived at the apartment complex, the team said they could hear the whining from outside and tried to prepare themselves for the worse.

Three of eight dogs found in deplorable conditions. (Monmouth County SPCA)

They found eight dogs and puppies stuffed together in small crates and living outside on a freezing cold porch with only a plastic tarp to protect them from the elements.

The animals were living in their own urine and feces and withoutt access to food, water or any source of heat. And despite the fact that they were all cuddling together, they were still trembling from the freezing temperatures.

They drank and ate ravenously when the MCSPCA gave them food and water. They were brought to the shelter and now they have comfy blankets, a warm place to sleep, and plenty of food and water.

The medical team found that the pups are riddled with intestinal parasites in addition to their overgrown nails, skin sores, and ear/skin infections.


One of the adult dogs was covered in scars and wounds which sometimes is an indication of being used as a bait-dog in dog fighting :(

The dogs will remain at the MCSPCA and won't be able to be released for adoption until this matter is resolved in court, which could take months. But meanwhile, they now will be treated, emotionally and physically, with the utmost level of care and compassion.

If you would like to consider making a donation to help the shelter care for these innocent animals who did nothing to deserve such an unfair life,

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