Some children ask Santa for ponies, gaming systems and new bicycles. One child just wants Santa to help make all kids feel loved this Christmas.

Sara Trombley's family has been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic. "My husband has been trying to find work, so this year for Christmas we aimed to get one thing our kids really wanted and shared a lot about the truth of Christmas cheer and loving others."

Trombley's 8-year-old daughter Gabriella is full of magic, creativity and love. "She is the kind of girl who befriends everyone and gets hurt easily but still loves them and cares deeply," said Trombley. "Even her teachers are amazed with her kindness."

This year, Gabrielle asked about kids who don’t get presents for Christmas. "We explained sometimes Santa may bring one but moms and dads may not have a lot to buy more."

Instead of asking Santa for her own gifts for Christmas, Gabriella wrote a letter to Santa, asking if he could deliver presents from mom and dad so all children would feel loved. "I wanted to share for those who feel bad they can’t do much and realize that kids get it and want every other kid to feel loved," said Trombley.

Photo Credit - Sara Trombley
Photo Credit - Sara Trombley

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