It's not on a house, but this New Jersey Christmas lights display is one of the most epic, festive attractions in the whole Garden State. And, it's MOBILE! You can probably see this vehicle from space.

Major, major props to Brian Davies who turned his Jeep Wrangler into a holiday work of art, covered in thousands of lights! It's so super cool. I'm totally geeking out over it. It's on a whole other level.

Seriously, Santa Claus should just ditch his sleigh and make this his new ride.


And, it'll probably make you want to start driving roads along the Jersey Shore from Point Pleasant to Manasquan, reports. That's Davies has been driving his decorated Jeep around for three decades.

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This thing is like a roving 'Stefon' Saturday Night Live skit. It's got EVERYTHING. Brightly colored lights. A fireplace in the rear where The Grinch sits, Peanuts Gang characters, a Christmas tree, and even the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. It's quite the head-turner.

There's a kayak affixed to the Wrangler's roof providing a long surface for more decorations. The whole thing just makes me feel like I've been underachieving at Christmas decorating my whole life, lol.

During the off-season, the Jeep lives in Davies' barn, where it sits until the next Thanksgiving when he lets his grandkids light it up. It's become tradition. They're some lucky kids, huh?

Check out this Christmas Jeep in action below, courtesy of

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