It's not over til the big man in red takes to the skies, right?

That means there is still time for you to take in the holiday season and hit the road to check out some even cooler Christmas displays. There are plenty of well-known homes in Atlantic and Cape May Counties famous for their epic lights this time of year, but there's one special house in Gloucester County that is still a pretty well-kept secret around Christmastime.

You thought the South Jersey "Christmas Vacation" house was wild? Wait until you get a load of this place...

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The home is located in Woolwich Township, and if you're interested in checking it out, the full address to type in your GPS is 205 Glen Haven Court in SWEDESBORO. That's the town you should insert into your GPS. It's technically in Woolwich, though.

The family responsible for this home has been going all out for a few years now. I got the chance to visit last year and needless to say, it brought some much-needed Christmas cheer to my family amid the holiday during the height of the pandemic.

There are different scenes aplenty as you walk up and down the street to take in their giant lawn full of lights. It's so good that they should start charging. Apparently, the decorating begins months ahead of time. With THAT MANY lights, there' no way they'd get it all done in time if they waited until the last minute!

Sure, it's a bit of a drive if you're coming from Ocean, Atlantic, or Cape May Counties. Still though, it's worth it. Check out the pics below!

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