This holiday season you’re going to want to head over to the Philadelphia Zoo and check out their holiday light show LumiNature. Guests will be able to see the famous zoo be transformed into a colorful winter wonderland offering 14 illuminated zones.

IlumiNature will start on Tuesday, November 18 and run through January 9.

According to the Philadelphia Zoo’s website, the event will be “taking guests on a journey of lights, sounds, and surprises. LumiNature offers sparkling new displays." It was also mentioned that you can find "enhanced installation, performance artists and seasonal treats in our biggest holiday light show yet!”

While LumiNature did its debut back in the 2019 holiday season, the show had to be put on hold during the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The zoo is ready to make a comeback this year and is promising an event with more space, more lights, and more than one million lights transforming the park into a sparkling holiday wonderland.

Christmas will be lighting up the whole zoo with experiences such as Whistle-Stop Wonder, the New Wilderness Express Train, Tis the SEAson, Penguin Royale, Flutter Flair, and more.

Some of the experiences at the LumiNature will involve some of the zoo animals. We learned that Tis the SEAson let's you "trek under the sea and adventure through a 100 ft-long aquarium tunnel filled with stunning lights."

Amy Shearer, Philadelphia Zoo’s Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, mentioned on the press release, “We are really excited to bring LumiNature back to the Zoo and to our great region.”

You can pre-purchase tickets for LumiNature on the Philadelphia Zoo website. Ticket prices are $25.00 for adults and $20.00 for kids.

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