New Jersey has exceeded its number of cases of West Nile Virus over last year, with the Department of Health now reporting nine cases in the state.

Last year there were eight cases, according to the department. The human cases of the virus have been reported in Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Somerset and Ocean Counties. Bergen and Hunterdon counties have each reported two cases, while the rest of those listed have reported one each.

In addition to the human cases, the Department of Health is also tracking the number of mosquito pools across the state. So far this year there have been 767 pools testing positive, which the department said is a 40 percent increase over this time last year. Most of the positive testing from the pools came in the past few weeks.

Bergen County alone has reported more than 100 pools that tested positive for the virus. The health department said it took three more weeks last year for it to cross into triple digits for positive tests. Morris is a close second with 90. Gloucester and Hunterdon have 72 and 71 reported positive tests. This time last year the two had 47 and 46 positive tests.

Out of the 21 counties in the state, 15 are reporting increased activity for the virus over this time last year. Salem County has the fewest positive tests so far with five. This time last year Atlantic County had just one positive test. This year the number stands at 15. Cumberland County had two positive tests this time last year. It is now up to nine, with four new positive tests coming this past week alone.

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