For many of us, we just don't feel dressed up if we're not wearing a great pair of heels. Oh, the pain we are willing to endure! But guess what? There is now a solution!

I have sometimes been nearly crippled by the heels that I have chosen to wear for a fancy event. In fact, I recently wore a pair of boots with 6 inch heels that someone else had to literally pull off me as I was sitting on the floor, unable to make it out of the nightclub and walk to the parking lot to even get home. Is it really worth it?! about this:

There's a new SPRAY on the market that claims it can cure your heel pain!

Heel No Pain claims to relieve the aches associated with wearing high heels for up to three hours per applications. Simply spray the potion on the throbbing area and ten minutes later your feet will be numb enough to put your stilettos back on.

The spray contains the numbing agent lidocaine H-C-I, which athletes sometimes use. It's a painkiller with heat treatment that can penetrate the skin.

It's available on Biochemistry's website, and will be coming soon to Walgreems and Foot Locker.