Now that cooler weather has arrived and winter is right around the corner I have to accept that socks are going to be necessary soon.  I go sockless for as long as possible although as I have gotten older once the temperatures dips they become a necessary evil of the season.

While I could make an endless list of what I love about late spring, summer and most of fall I struggle to come up with what’s great about the colder months.  Trying to be positive I have come up with things I do like about the time of year we are now entering and for the sake of the list I will not include anything to do with the Christmas season.

So here are a dozen reasons to at least like winter:

  1. Comfort food is very acceptable
  2. Sweaters cover your stomach
  3. The smell of a roaring fireplace
  4. Snuggling under warm blankets
  5. Sweat pants
  6. The feeling you get when you open the door and breathe in cold air
  7. Watching NFL Playoff Games in the snow.
  8. Never feeling obligated to go out if you don’t want to
  9. Binge watching shows on TV
  10. No mosquitos or flies to worry about
  11. Once you get past December 21 we gain daylight
  12. Taking a vacation to somewhere sunny and warm

Yes I could find more but that’s good for now.

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