Here is the next must-try of the Jersey Shore.

May we introduce Lola's European Café located at 539 Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park.

So what is this place really about?

According to whisky enthusiast Nate who recently visited Lola's, "It's a beautiful European-style café in Asbury Park that is famous for their gelato and now their Smoked Whisky Program."

Why Nate, what on earth is a Smoked Whisky Program?

"They will light up an unused whisky barrel stave and smoke the whisky of your choice! If you are not into whisky, their custom cocktails are delicious."

[Video Credit: WhistlePig Whisky & Lola's European Café]

Take a look at this impressive demonstration above of what you are in for when you stop at Lola's for smoked whiskey. Sounds like a pretty impressive deal to me.

And Whiskey Lovers -- don't forget to add Nate on Instagram for other Whisky news and updates. He has over 18K followers so he clearly knows his stuff.

P.S. I took at look at Lola's menu and it looks like the perfect spot for a Sunday Funday brunch -- just throwing that out there.

Take a look at Lola's website HERE.

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