Did you ever wonder if, in an emergency, your dog could try to save your life? Well, this dog did just that, and now she could win a national award for it!

Lilly's courage and bravery has made her a finalist in a nationwide contest held by the Humane Society!

Lilly is a Pitbull mix from Beachwood and she is in the running with five other pet contestants for the Pets of Valor award.

During a hike in Double Trouble Park, Lilly's owner Dona Timoney collapsed from a brain aneurysm and fell into the deep bog grass where no one could see her. The dog bravely found the first person she could, and dragged him over 150 yards to help her owner!

Frank Delarosa says that he walked up to the anxious dog on a path at the park and grabbed her leash to try and take her to a park ranger. That's when Lilly dragged him to where the unconscious Dona lay and started licking her owner's face. He says "That dog was unbelievable."

When they took Dona to the hospital, she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and died 12 days later. But Lilly's act of valor gave the family that time to spend with Dona before saying goodbye.

Dona's daughter Amanda says she never thought Lilly would know how to communicate that she needed help for her owner like she did. And Amanda is keeping Lilly in the family so that she can still have a good home.

The winning dog or cat gets a silver pet tag and the location where he or she was adopted from will recieve a year's supply of pet food.

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