Here's a really nice idea for you to try with your kids this holiday season. Jersey-themed holiday jack-o-lanterns for your front porch.

This will be the second year for us to give this a go. And being the weather's colder, they'll last longer without rotting (big bonus to fewer bugs).

You can essentially draw any outline you'd like... get creative. Or, let your kids come up with the design.

Last year we used the pumpkins we didn't carve on Halloween for our holiday jack-o-lanterns. And as you'll see below, they turned out really neat.

I have the kids constant-pestering to thank for this. If they didn't push me, I would've never tried it (and those delicious pumpkin seeds aren't bad either).

Since we didn't start ours yet for this year, here's a peek at how we went about it last year.


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