Most of us would agree that Brick is a pretty packed town when it comes to stores and businesses. Well, get ready for another ShopRite.

A reliable source is telling me that the old Pathmark in the Laurel Square on Route 88 will be renovated and turned into a ShopRite. The grand opening is expected as early as the last week in October. So why another Shoprite in Brick? According to my source, it's demand.

Recently, the APP asked residents what they would like to see in the shopping center. A supermarket was a popular response.

It's a pretty big town and there is a lot of traffic," Brick resident Tracy James said. It can make getting to ShopRite at Brick Commons on Route 70, essentially the other side of town, pretty difficult. I am forced to either go to Wall to go to ShopRite or to Point Pleasant to go to Stop & Shop. We need something closer to the Brielle-Wall area for all of the Brick residents on that side of town.

It seems as if these opinions have been heard!

But that's not all!

A new Shoprite is set to open in the Shrewsbury Plaza on Route 35. The tentative opening is set for the second week in October.

I'm hearing that there will be approximately 500 job openings between the opening of the ShopRite in Brick and Shrewsbury.

More details as I get them!

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