A few weeks ago, we alerted you of a Hawk Warning at the Jersey Shore to spread the word to keep an eye on your smaller pets because it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Well the hawks have made their mark yet again.

Another dog was found in Aberdeen county with puncture wounds that required stitches with the vet suspected to be hawk-inflicted.

The County Animal Clinic in Englishtown has therefore issued another hawk alert because attacks such as these have not been occurring this often in a matter of years.

"Please take these warnings seriously," said the clinic. "This year the hawks really seem out in force off the east coast."

This is by no means at the point where the Jersey Shore should be in a state of panic, but just solely on the lookout because the more information you have, the easier it is to avoid anything from happening.

But, JUST AS IMPORTANT, This is in no way giving the go ahead to harm hawks because they are simply doing what they know in order to survive. If you do choose to harm a hawk, you can receive jail time or a hefty fine.

Check out the article released by NJ.com so you can be fully prepared.

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