There’s little that will make a lousy father rue his life choices more than having a child who winds up rich and famous — and wants nothing to do with him.

But now that Adele has announced she’s expecting a little one of her own, the man who walked out on her when she was still a toddler now says he wants to be a doting grandpa.

About a decade ago, Mark Evans apologized to the now 24-year-old ‘Turning Tables’ singer for being an absentee dad, and they tried to put their relationship back together. But after she shot to worldwide fame and Evans did some paid press interviews about her, a furious Adele cut off all ties with him, saying he had “f—ing blown” any chance of a reconciliation.

Now he’s talking again, telling the Mirror that upon learning of her pregnancy, “I would have loved so much to have been able to hold her in my arms and tell her how happy I was for her … I am begging her to give me another chance … It breaks my heart to think I might not see her in the years ahead or hold my little grandchild in my arms.”

Call us pessimistic, but we don’t think the dude should hold his breath. Just a few months ago, Adele said, “He will never hear from me again. There’s consequences [for talking about me for money] … If I ever see him, I will spit in his face.”

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