Much is made about the fact that Adele is a singer as opposed to a pop star. She doesn’t want the trappings of pop stardom or desire to be waif thin. She isn’t interested creating a gimmick. It’s all about her voice and her songs.

But that doesn’t mean that she can’t or doesn’t enjoy dressing up in priceless couture for the cover of the March 2012 issue of Vogue. Put simply: Adele stuns in all of the images in the spread. She declares, “I’m a big personality,” and in her first American Vogue cover, she is larger than life and as gorgeous as any of the models also featured inside the issue.

The cover is a little suggestive, but tastefully so, as Adele shows just a hint of cleavage, with her voluminous hair blown back. It’s sexy in the most subtle of ways.

In the close ups of her face inside the mag, which hone in on our her peaches and cream complexion and her expressive eyes, traced in black winged eyeliner, she looks like a human Barbie doll. Sorry, Nicki!

Additionally, the ‘Someone Like You’ singer’s shots mirror her philosophy on art. In the feature, she says, “I definitely think that less is more. I just want to sing it” about her performance style. The close ups of her beautiful face mimic that idea.

There’s images of her hands covered in black leather gloves; of her lying on a couch in a bright and poufy, off-the-runway yellow skirt and black lace top; and of her wearing “come hither” bright red lipstick. Adele looks like a model and it suits her. She also looks comfortable in the clothes and in front of the camera in this high fashion spread. She’s working it.

Adele, who carried home six Grammys last night, is quoted as saying, “I’ve never fully appreciated the things that I’ve achieved until now.” More to come, Adele. More to come.

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