You've probably heard it mentioned more than once this year: if you come across a seal on the beach during the cold winter months, DON'T GO NEAR IT.

That's the job of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center based in Brigantine, NJ. They rehabilitate injured sea mammals so they can, hopefully, return to the ocean in the best shape possible. It's common to come across beached seals during the winter months along South Jersey's beaches. The experts advise that you not get too close, take not of any injury, and call the center at (609) 266-0538 to report any sightings.

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Of course, it's not guaranteed that they'll be able to save every single critter (depending on the injury and its severity), but they're definitely going to try their hardest with each one. By the looks of their latest post to Facebook, it seems they've got another success story to share.

According to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center's Facebook page, they recently worked with a harbor seal who had blood in his fur. Upon further examination, the team at MMSC discovered a few abrasions that were likely the source of the blood. So sad! Luckily, after given some sustenance, the seal was able to reenter the water all by itself.

Though seemingly a little unsure at first, the seal eventually swam further into the water, but not before the center was able to tag him in case he's ever beached again.

Watch the video of the seal returning to the ocean below:

Source: Facebook

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