Looks like the supermarket battle for the spot on Route 35 in Hazlet is coming to a close.

The discount grocery store, Aldi, has announced their plans to add another location directly across from their existing Aldi across the street in the Hazlet Plaza that was built back in 2007.

The town of Hazlet will now have two Aldi's (depending on the fate of the existing one), a Lidl, also another discount grocery store, and ShopRite within miles of each other.

"It's a great thing," said township Administrator, Dennis Pino. "In the end, I think the consumers will win, they'll have options."

There is no set date for the new Aldi to open and the fate of the discount grocery store in the Hazlet Plaza is also unknown with the possibility that the ten-year lease is going to expire soon.

Check out the original article at APP.com for more information.

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