There is never a shortage of dining options in Asbury Park. There's a restaurant for every taste. It's truly a "foodie's" dream.

New Jersey Advanced Media ranked all 34 of Asbury Park's restaurants and I'm curious if you agree with the #1 pick.

First, the contenders in order.

34. Cielito Lindo

33. Kim Marie's Eat N Drink Away

32. Capitoline

31. Belmonte's

30. The Anchor's Bend

29. Toast (29? Are you kidding me?)

28.Pop's Garage

27. Asbury Ale House

26. The Speakeatery

25. Langosta Lounge (it's a sin that Langosta is only 25.)

24. Loteria

23. Cross and Orange

22. Cardinal Provisions

21. Brickwall Tavern (should be higher.)

20. Robinson Ale House

19. At The Table

18. Porta

17. Modine (should be top 10 for sure.)

16. Frank's Deli

15. Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten (again, should be in the top 10.)

14. Moonstruck

13. Talula's

12. Barrio Costero

11. The Bonney Read

10. Plaza Tapatia

9. Medusa Stone-Fired Kitchen (I think Porta's pizza is better.)

8. Jimmy's

7. Cubacan

6. Stella Marina

5. Reyla

4. Taka

3. Pascal and Sabine

2. The Restaurant at Hotel Tides

1. Brando's Citi Cucina

I disagree with Bobby Olivier who compiled this list, but I have to say he nailed number one if you ask me. What's could be better than Brando's spectacular Italian cuisine? Their staff. Second to none. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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