Well....I think I found the next scam to be on the look out for.

I received this text message -- aka the screenshot shown above -- earlier this week.

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Naturally, my eyebrows immediately raised when I saw "$1950" and "Amazon Pandemic Relief Fund" because that is a nice chunk of change that I think anyone would be grateful to receive.

Before clicking the link, I did google "Amazon Pandemic Relief Fund" and I didn't find anything solid so my suspicions were already raised.

But....I KNOW, I KNOW....curiosity killed the cat and I did click the link because I just couldn't help myself.

First, it looked okay believe it or not.

I was brought to a page that asked for my first name, my last name, my birthday.....but then, it asked for my social security number so I came to a halting stop.

I know on New Jersey's official website pertaining to pandemic relief money, unemployment and tax information, I have had to enter my social security number but this just seemed sketchy.

Never will you ever find yourself in a situation where you will be APPROACHED for money...whether it is pandemic relief money, unemployment or ANYTHING.

You know that saying: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!" Well it applies here.

For some of us, it may seem very obvious to not click this link and fill out our information.

But I am writing this post just in case.

People are desperate right now so when someone in a rough financial situation is told to fill out some information for an extra $2K, they may do it without thinking.

Well here is your official warning: this message -- whether in email or in a text -- is CRAP! I'm sorry but it's true.

So be careful out there and if there are announcements that you can trust regarding pandemic relief money, I'll be the first to let you know.

And as always....STAY SAFE!

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