And the changes to our daily lives just keep coming....

Now Amazon Prime is even being affected!

Normally, Amazon orders will be delivered within one to two business days and that is about to change. There are some Amazon orders that will take at least a month before it be delivered.

A lot of delivery dates are anticipated to take place between April 21st and April 30th.

This delay also includes third-party sellers and vendors who were asked by Amazon to halt all shipments of non-essential products.

That is because Amazon is putting non-essential items and merchandise that is not in high demand on the back burner so they can focus on delivering essential products.

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The following six categories are considered essential: baby products, health and household, beauty and personal care, grocery, industrial and scientific and pet supplies.

Amazon Fresh and Prime Now are also experiencing delays due to the sudden increase online shoppers. Prime Pantry has even had to temporarily halted operations.

But there is some good news that comes from all of this.

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Amazon will be hiring 100,000 new full-time and part-time employees to help keep up with the spike in demand. If you are interested in working at Amazon, CLICK HERE.

Stay safe out there.

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