Ever since what is now American Dream was built, there was a lot of buzz around the giant indoor ski slope. We've seen it from the outside for years, now BIG SNOW is open and we've got a look inside North America's first real snow indoor ski and snowboard spot.

First, I'm not exaggerating when I say the slope is giant. It's 16-stories and 180,000 square-feet for skiers and snowboarders.

With a year-round temperature of 28 degrees, over 5,000 tons of real snow will always stay in prime condition.

For skiers, there are three slopes to choose from depending on your experience. Snowboarders have a ton of space in the freestyle terrain park.

There's also a learning area for those just getting started.

Four lifts make getting around very easy. Equipment and gear rental are available if you're not regularly active.

If you want to see more or plan your snow day, go here.

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