The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM) recently celebrated the list of the Best Communities for Music Education.

The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation is in its 23rd year and has recognized well over 700 school districts and 80 schools across the United States for outstanding efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community leaders and their support for music education in their schools, according to

Mary Luehrsen, Executive Director of The NAMM Foundation. “We applaud the commitment and efforts of all music educators, school administrators, and community members in providing students the opportunity to explore their creativity through music.”

I remember growing up and in my school the music program was amazing. From instruments and singing, it changed a lot of kids' lives. The music and arts programs in our schools have helped so many students define who they are and they are so important.

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What school in Ocean County is number one in the nation with its Music Program?

Congratulations to Barnegat Township School District. This amazing school district has now won three years in a row, an amazing accomplishment.

Digital Team, monkeybusinessimages, Getty Images
Digital Team, monkeybusinessimages, Getty Images

From the Barnegat Township School District Facebook page:

This year's awards program was designed to celebrate schools and districts adapting, innovating, and persevering in the face of change. Researchers at The Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas, in conjunction with The NAMM Foundation, created a new way for districts and schools to address the inroads and setbacks impacted by the pandemic, as well as goals for equity and access to music education for all students and national standards for music education in a short, qualitative survey, according to

Congratulations to Barnegat! I'm very, very proud of your success in your music program in your schools.

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